The Content Reader

Though Lisbeth mainly blogs about books, book reviews and book infos, The Content Reader is not just another book blog. Lisbeth is an expat who also shares about travelling, history, film, photography and other things that make your day a good one!

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Here’s a little something from Lisbeth:

I am an expat Swede, and spent 13 years in different countries and cultures. Now residing in Brussels.

I love reading books and to discuss them with fellow bloggers around the world. The world of book blogging changed my life and I am so happy to be part of it. 



Married to Mr. Robot

Are you an INFJ or an INTJ? If yes, then  here’s a blog for you! In Mrs. Human’s blog, Married to Mr. Robot, she shares about her experiences as an INFJ (MBTI personality type) married to an INTJ (Mr. Robot).

Her ‘About Me’ page says: “This is the continuous story of what it’s like to be an INFJ whom shares love and affection with her INTJ husband.”

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Here’s a little something from Mrs. Human:

In my blog posts, I go by the name Mrs. Human, because INFJs are border-line obsessed with the human condition and bettering the world. We are deeply moved by our world. However, I have learned to love and be loved by an INTJ, the most…shall we say… robotic of the MBTI personality types. INTJs are very logical and do not express emotion often. My blog is our continuous story of love despite these emotional differences.

This would be of interest to those interested in the INFJ and INTJ types, as well as those interested in introvert blogs.


A Literary Vacation

To all bibliophiles out there, this is going to be a book haven. A Literary Vacation is a book blog run by Colleen and has been up and running since last year. Aside from book reviews, her blog also hosts book giveaways, shares author guest posts, interviews, book and author spotlights, wish list posts, and just about anything book related.

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A little something from Colleen:

Hi there! My name is Colleen Turner and I created my blog, A Literary Vacation, to share my love of reading and books with anyone who cared to listen. In the short year I’ve had the blog I’ve met some wonderful authors, fellow readers and other enthusiastic bibliophiles who love books as much as I do. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and support of my fellow bloggers and look forward to meeting more as I continue this journey.



Terragarden covers a variety of things that interests it’s owner, Terra. She writes book reviews, and posts about growing flowers, recipes and sometimes even scripture. She has also authored two books which are featured in her blog. Terragarden also includes photography, mostly of pretty photos from the author’s neighborhood, tips about writing, feeding birds, her own garden and more.

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Here’s a little something from Terra:

I am Terra Hangen, I live in California with my husband and near our adult sons. I co-authored two published books “Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts” and “Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts” and am writing two more books. I am retired and enjoy life and keep busy.”



K.J. Johnson writes about poetry and supernatural/fantasy fiction novels. Though he posts his original work for others to enjoy, he also wants to network with other writers like himself. Most of his posts are personal work. It may be a poem or an excerpt from his debut novel “Ember Awakening: The Kirabo Lawless Trilogy Volume 1”. You should check out his blog if you enjoy supernatural/fantasy fiction and follow him for sneak peeks of his novel and also feature updates on the release of his future projects.

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Here’s a little something from K.J.

My name is K.J. Johnson. I’m originally from Albany, NY, but grew up in Virginia with my Active Duty military parents. I am a lover of all things art. I was a member of a hip hop dance company. I studied Taekwondo for about 7 years, earned my 2nd Dan Black Belt and became a Junior Olympian in 2003 and 2005. However, writing has always been my passion. I transitioned from writing short stories as a kid, to writing poetry and fiction novels now. Looking forward to connecting with fellow writers and readers.


BlogLines: Blog Promotions

I will now be accepting blog contents to be shared on this blog.

I will only be accepting blog posts that have already been posted/published in your blog. This way, we can increase the audience of your posts and get you more readers. You can send in the name and link to your blog, link of a blog post that you want to share, and links to 4 other blog post to be shared as “more posts from the author” to

The format of the post to be shared on this blog will be as follows:

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in this endeavor. To all my new followers, please do visit the blogs that I have been sharing.




If you’re all about fiction, more specifically mystery and suspense novels, then here’s the blog for you. Diane mostly posts book reviews but she also deals with book promotions. If you are involved with a book tour then here’s your chance for a great banner! Do check out the links below for more information.

Here’s a little something about Diane.

Hi – I just wanted to introduce myself.  I’m Diane Coto and I’m the owner and blogger for Primarily, I post fiction book reviews (mystery and suspense are my preferred genres). I also post promos of books that catch my eye. A recent endeavor of mine has been to create book tour banners which are especially helpful to authors who are organizing their own book tours.  Here’s a link to a portfolio of those banners:

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Worth Getting in Bed For

There are two types of books in the world: the ones that are worth getting in bed for and the ones that are not. This is the concept of Heather’s very interesting blog, Worth Getting in Bed For. If you are like me and you don’t want to waste time on reading books that are just not worth your vacant time, then here’s the blog for you. You can read book reviews and other stuff about books. Heather also posts about things that would really make you want to leave your bed to do something good with your time. Check out her blog!

Here’s a little something from Heather.

I blog about books that are Worth Getting in Bed For at Sometimes there are books that aren’t worth getting IN bed for at all. I review books and blog about book related items and information. I also blog about things or events that will also sometimes get you out of bed like charity walks/runs and events or plays or activities.


The Books Are Everywhere

If you’re a bookworm like me and you’re also in love with YA books then you’ll probably love Beth’s blog. It’s all about YA!!

I’m Beth, the owner of The Books Are Everywhere. I write chat posts and reviews about Young Adult books. I own my blog to meet new people who share my love for books, and explain what makes me such a bookworm! The book loving/blogging community is absolutely lovely, and if you’re here and thinking about starting a blog I would highly recommend it (after you follow my blog, of course ^-^)!

Instagram: @thebooksareeverywhere 
Twitter: @tbaeblog
Tumblr: The Books Are Everywhere


openENVIRO: Unlocking the Earth

Here’s a new blog for everyone! Let us all help Tricia in her advocacy in giving light to environmental issues. Please visit her blog for more information.


I started by blog yesterday. It is called openENVIRO – unlocking the earth. Basically with my blog I aim to discuss environmental issues. I also post up job ads and events held in South Africa. I am also interested in open data and civic tech projects so I will be posting articles on those as well. This is the first time I have ever done a blog or posted articles. 

My name is Tricia Govindasamy and I am a graduate. I have a Honours degree in environmental and engineering geology. I reside in South Africa and I started the blog so I can do something that makes me happy. My name has not been included anywhere on the blog and I am just referred to as openENVIRO.