What do you blog about?

Hi! I made this blog to help other bloggers share their content. You can share your blog by sending in your information to whatdoyoublogabout@gmail.com.

Information should include:
– name of blog
– main topics covered by blog
– blog link
– short introduction of yourself

I will be posting blog submissions everyday. Tags will be added to every post. I will also categorize blogs depending on topics so people can easily find blogs they want to check out.

Please reblog this post. Thank you!


8 thoughts on “What do you blog about?

  1. – name of blog: I have two —

    Modes of Flight

    Hammer Home

    – main topics covered by blog — I blog about art; mostly my own but art in general. I’m predominantly an illustrator but I also do photography and graphic design. That’s largely the content of the MOF blog.

    Hammer Home is mainly a street photography project with a little urban photography, documentary photography and photojournalism mixed in. It’s all about my home town.

    – blog link



    – short introduction of yourself

    Some call me TheMOFMan.


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