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I will now be accepting blog contents to be shared on this blog.

I will only be accepting blog posts that have already been posted/published in your blog. This way, we can increase the audience of your posts and get you more readers. You can send in the name and link to your blog, link of a blog post that you want to share, and links to 4 other blog post to be shared as “more posts from the author” to

The format of the post to be shared on this blog will be as follows:

Title: (Title of blog post you want to share)

(Name of Blog + link)

(Blog post)

(More posts from the author)

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this endeavor. To all my new followers, please do visit the blogs that I have been sharing.




What do you blog about?

Hi! I made this blog to help other bloggers share their content. You can share your blog by sending in your information to

Information should include:
– name of blog
– main topics covered by blog
– blog link
– short introduction of yourself

I will be posting blog submissions everyday. Tags will be added to every post. I will also categorize blogs depending on topics so people can easily find blogs they want to check out.

Please reblog this post. Thank you!