Worth Getting in Bed For

There are two types of books in the world: the ones that are worth getting in bed for and the ones that are not. This is the concept of Heather’s very interesting blog, Worth Getting in Bed For. If you are like me and you don’t want to waste time on reading books that are just not worth your vacant time, then here’s the blog for you. You can read book reviews and other stuff about books. Heather also posts about things that would really make you want to leave your bed to do something good with your time. Check out her blog!

Here’s a little something from Heather.

I blog about books that are Worth Getting in Bed For at https://worthgettinginbedfor.wordpress.com. Sometimes there are books that aren’t worth getting IN bed for at all. I review books and blog about book related items and information. I also blog about things or events that will also sometimes get you out of bed like charity walks/runs and events or plays or activities.