K.J. Johnson writes about poetry and supernatural/fantasy fiction novels. Though he posts his original work for others to enjoy, he also wants to network with other writers like himself. Most of his posts are personal work. It may be a poem or an excerpt from his debut novel “Ember Awakening: The Kirabo Lawless Trilogy Volume 1”. You should check out his blog if you enjoy supernatural/fantasy fiction and follow him for sneak peeks of his novel and also feature updates on the release of his future projects.

Blog link: https://kjjohnsonsite.wordpress.com/

Here’s a little something from K.J.

My name is K.J. Johnson. I’m originally from Albany, NY, but grew up in Virginia with my Active Duty military parents. I am a lover of all things art. I was a member of a hip hop dance company. I studied Taekwondo for about 7 years, earned my 2nd Dan Black Belt and became a Junior Olympian in 2003 and 2005. However, writing has always been my passion. I transitioned from writing short stories as a kid, to writing poetry and fiction novels now. Looking forward to connecting with fellow writers and readers.




If you’re all about fiction, more specifically mystery and suspense novels, then here’s the blog for you. Diane mostly posts book reviews but she also deals with book promotions. If you are involved with a book tour then here’s your chance for a great banner! Do check out the links below for more information.

Here’s a little something about Diane.

Hi – I just wanted to introduce myself.  I’m Diane Coto and I’m the owner and blogger for FictionZeal.com. Primarily, I post fiction book reviews (mystery and suspense are my preferred genres). I also post promos of books that catch my eye. A recent endeavor of mine has been to create book tour banners which are especially helpful to authors who are organizing their own book tours.  Here’s a link to a portfolio of those banners: http://www.fictionzeal.com/book-tour-banner-service/.

Website: http://www.fictionzeal.com
Book Tour Banner Service: http://www.fictionzeal.com/book-tour-banner-service/



Silver’s Reviews

Here is another book blog for everyone. But here’s a treat, it includes book giveaways! Silver’s Reviews is dedicated to book reviews of historical fiction, women’s fiction, and mystery. She also posts weekly memes and fun reading topics.

Blog Link:  http://silversolara.blogspot.com

Here’s a little something from Elizabeth.

I am a retired business teacher. I really enjoy blogging and meeting other bloggers. Book Bloggers are the most helpful, friendly folks I know. 

I live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.


The Mind of Nox

The Mind of Nox is a blog dedicated to AJ’s works of fiction. Everything that is posted is written from the eyes of a character in his writings. You can visit his blog to read more of his work. Here’s a little something about AJ and Nox.

AJ (author/creator) – I’ve been writing since I was a kid. It took me years to figure start writing regularly and try to become a better writer. When I’m not writing I’m programming web applications and pages. I’ve been doing it as a hobby since the late 90s and now I do it full time for a local company. I enjoy reading fantasy at current with a few other things thrown in lately. I love video games especially RPG types like Baulder’s Gate and Dragon Age franchise. My current works in progress are urban fantasy. I’ve written one epic fantasy but never finished it.

Nox – I’m improbable. My mother survived my birth where she should have died me along with her. I am what a layman might call a magician but the technical term is a Magnus. I am one of the rarer breeds of Magus called a Cesari – which basically means I can bend all four elements at the SAME time (most cannot). I am half human, half Venatori – a supernatural race whose primary function in the world is to police the supernatural realm. I don’t like my job but I do it anyway.