A Literary Vacation

To all bibliophiles out there, this is going to be a book haven. A Literary Vacation is a book blog run by Colleen and has been up and running since last year. Aside from book reviews, her blog also hosts book giveaways, shares author guest posts, interviews, book and author spotlights, wish list posts, and just about anything book related.

Blog Link: http://aliteraryvacation.blogspot.com/.

A little something from Colleen:

Hi there! My name is Colleen Turner and I created my blog, A Literary Vacation, to share my love of reading and books with anyone who cared to listen. In the short year I’ve had the blog I’ve met some wonderful authors, fellow readers and other enthusiastic bibliophiles who love books as much as I do. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and support of my fellow bloggers and look forward to meeting more as I continue this journey.



Silver’s Reviews

Here is another book blog for everyone. But here’s a treat, it includes book giveaways! Silver’s Reviews is dedicated to book reviews of historical fiction, women’s fiction, and mystery. She also posts weekly memes and fun reading topics.

Blog Link:  http://silversolara.blogspot.com

Here’s a little something from Elizabeth.

I am a retired business teacher. I really enjoy blogging and meeting other bloggers. Book Bloggers are the most helpful, friendly folks I know. 

I live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.