Married to Mr. Robot

Are you an INFJ or an INTJ? If yes, then  here’s a blog for you! In Mrs. Human’s blog, Married to Mr. Robot, she shares about her experiences as an INFJ (MBTI personality type) married to an INTJ (Mr. Robot).

Her ‘About Me’ page says: “This is the continuous story of what it’s like to be an INFJ whom shares love and affection with her INTJ husband.”

Blog link:

Here’s a little something from Mrs. Human:

In my blog posts, I go by the name Mrs. Human, because INFJs are border-line obsessed with the human condition and bettering the world. We are deeply moved by our world. However, I have learned to love and be loved by an INTJ, the most…shall we say… robotic of the MBTI personality types. INTJs are very logical and do not express emotion often. My blog is our continuous story of love despite these emotional differences.

This would be of interest to those interested in the INFJ and INTJ types, as well as those interested in introvert blogs.