The Content Reader

Though Lisbeth mainly blogs about books, book reviews and book infos, The Content Reader is not just another book blog. Lisbeth is an expat who also shares about travelling, history, film, photography and other things that make your day a good one!

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Here’s a little something from Lisbeth:

I am an expat Swede, and spent 13 years in different countries and cultures. Now residing in Brussels.

I love reading books and to discuss them with fellow bloggers around the world. The world of book blogging changed my life and I am so happy to be part of it. 




Terragarden covers a variety of things that interests it’s owner, Terra. She writes book reviews, and posts about growing flowers, recipes and sometimes even scripture. She has also authored two books which are featured in her blog. Terragarden also includes photography, mostly of pretty photos from the author’s neighborhood, tips about writing, feeding birds, her own garden and more.

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Here’s a little something from Terra:

I am Terra Hangen, I live in California with my husband and near our adult sons. I co-authored two published books “Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts” and “Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts” and am writing two more books. I am retired and enjoy life and keep busy.”


Writing Prompts

Here’s a new blog for you. Gabriela’s blog, Writingpromptsandotherstuffblog, contains mostly book reviews, her own writing and book photos. If you’re interested to know what she has to say about your favorite book then head on to her blog and follow her to be updated with new contents.

My name is Gabriela and I like to read just about anything. I have a huge passion for writing and I hope one day I can get something published. It is my dream to walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelves.



Nerdy Librarian Life

Nerdy Librarian Life is run by Michelle and she mostly blogs about crafting, sewing, recipes, books, and photography. Check out her blog to see what she’s been up to! 🙂

My name is Michelle and I am a former Home Economics teacher who just turned Librarian. I am in between library jobs right now and I am having a great time trying my hand at blogging, crafting, cooking and taking photos almost daily. I live in the Houston area with my husband, Dave, my dog, Baron, several fish and a turtle. I aspire to find an endeavour that uses my skill sets and past experiences that will earn an income.