Silver’s Reviews

Here is another book blog for everyone. But here’s a treat, it includes book giveaways! Silver’s Reviews is dedicated to book reviews of historical fiction, women’s fiction, and mystery. She also posts weekly memes and fun reading topics.

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Here’s a little something from Elizabeth.

I am a retired business teacher. I really enjoy blogging and meeting other bloggers. Book Bloggers are the most helpful, friendly folks I know. 

I live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.



The Paper Pen Project

Today is all about positivity! Please check out this blog for inspiration and motivation. You can also follow their Facebook page.

Hello! My name is Sam Rogers. I am a 23 year old writer and outdoorsman from Tennessee. I am the creator of Paper Pen Project, a blog that is designed to help people! I post inspirational blog posts, motivational quotes, and poems about positivity. I will eventually be publishing a book.



Writing Prompts

Here’s a new blog for you. Gabriela’s blog, Writingpromptsandotherstuffblog, contains mostly book reviews, her own writing and book photos. If you’re interested to know what she has to say about your favorite book then head on to her blog and follow her to be updated with new contents.

My name is Gabriela and I like to read just about anything. I have a huge passion for writing and I hope one day I can get something published. It is my dream to walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelves.



The Mind of Nox

The Mind of Nox is a blog dedicated to AJ’s works of fiction. Everything that is posted is written from the eyes of a character in his writings. You can visit his blog to read more of his work. Here’s a little something about AJ and Nox.

AJ (author/creator) – I’ve been writing since I was a kid. It took me years to figure start writing regularly and try to become a better writer. When I’m not writing I’m programming web applications and pages. I’ve been doing it as a hobby since the late 90s and now I do it full time for a local company. I enjoy reading fantasy at current with a few other things thrown in lately. I love video games especially RPG types like Baulder’s Gate and Dragon Age franchise. My current works in progress are urban fantasy. I’ve written one epic fantasy but never finished it.

Nox – I’m improbable. My mother survived my birth where she should have died me along with her. I am what a layman might call a magician but the technical term is a Magnus. I am one of the rarer breeds of Magus called a Cesari – which basically means I can bend all four elements at the SAME time (most cannot). I am half human, half Venatori – a supernatural race whose primary function in the world is to police the supernatural realm. I don’t like my job but I do it anyway.


The White Crayon

Hey! If you’re looking for more book reviews, poetry, random thoughts or just life musings then check out this blog!

Hi! I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I’m into book reviews at the moment but I also have other contents like original poetry and just random thoughts and life musings. It’s more of a personal blog actually but I like sharing my life to strangers. 🙂


Susan in Styleville

Here’s a unique blog for everyone. If you are a Style Savvy fan then this blog is for you! In Susan’s blog Susan in Styleville, you can find screenshots and stories of her in-game experiences from Style Savvy: Trendsetters. Check out her blog to know more!

About Me: I’m a junior in college who likes to play video games in her spare time! And for a game like Style Savvy, it adds a whole new level of fun when I can post my screenshots online



Nerdy Librarian Life

Nerdy Librarian Life is run by Michelle and she mostly blogs about crafting, sewing, recipes, books, and photography. Check out her blog to see what she’s been up to! 🙂

My name is Michelle and I am a former Home Economics teacher who just turned Librarian. I am in between library jobs right now and I am having a great time trying my hand at blogging, crafting, cooking and taking photos almost daily. I live in the Houston area with my husband, Dave, my dog, Baron, several fish and a turtle. I aspire to find an endeavour that uses my skill sets and past experiences that will earn an income.


C.H. Armstrong Books & Blog

C.H. Armstrong Books & Blog is run by Cathie. She mostly blogs about books, more specifically book reviews, author interviews, book blasts, and information about her own books and writing process. Check out if you wanna know more about Cathie!

I’m a native Oklahoman transplanted in Minnesota, and the author of The Edge of Nowhere, a work of historical fiction inspired by my own family’s experiences in rural Oklahoma during the 1930s Oklahoma Dust Bowl and The Great Depression.  I’m a 1992 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where I received my B.A. in Journalism with a minor in History. I’m a prolific reader of many genres, and vividly remember learning to read and the thrill of “unlocking the code” behind the letters that make up a word. My all-time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, and truly believe that the lessons of Atticus Finch shaped me into the adult I am today.  I love to talk books and related subjects, so people should feel free to shout out to me on Twitter (@C_H_Armstrong) or on Facebook (

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First submission is from Wendy with her blog Booklovercircumspect4. If you’re interested about book reviews, book promotions and product reviews you should check out her blog!

I work in the legal field during the day and by night I am a book reviewer, blogger, and product reviewer. I scan the shelves for the darkest of the darkest romance novels and I subject myself to product testing different products to report to others. I love blogging about up and coming authors and I like meeting new people. Also, I am very opinionated and what better place to have your opinion heard then on my very own blog!!!


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